Need Water?

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

It is Memorial Day Weekend which unofficially marks the beginning of summer.  Pool parties, barbeques, and all-white rooftop soirees are all in full swing.  Everyone is going out a little more, staying out a little later, dressing a little less, and dancing a little harder.  Dudes are also a little more thirsty.

this man will have you being thirsty while he is stealing your girl.

Some men are thirsty year-round, every day, super committed to the chase and to being thirsty.  Those are easy to spot and avoid.  However, it is the men that were cool and confident all winter that with the summer activities turn them into begging puppies.  There is nothing more of a turn-off than 8 consecutive calls or texts from a man desperate to see you. I personally blame the heat- there is no other logical explanation.
So today’s post is for the men. I don’t want you to be that pressed dude that has his pressed texts read out loud to a room full of friends and then laughed at for the rest of the night.  You don’t want to be that guy. So here is a how-to guide to avoid humiliation and to hopefully achieve the desired result- the girl.
1)      Plan Ahead. Please don’t wait until the liquor has taken full control of your fingers before you try and scrounge up next the move after the club.  Hit up your jump-off friend early in the day to see if she has plans for later.  If she is not interested at 2p.m (as opposed to 2a.m) you can keep it moving and hit up the next person on your jump-off friend list.  If you wait until 2am and that friend is not available your options are now limited.  Plus the liquor has taken control and your brain is no longer processing the word “no.”  And so after the 3rd rejection, your fragile man pride will not allow you to give up and call it a night so you continue to call and/or text until 4:57am in the morning.  Meanwhile, the friend you were trying to reach is reading the messages to the dude she did spend her time with that night.  You see how this makes you a loser?
2)      Assume the Yes. Confidence works wonders.  Some men are born with it while others pick it up along the way.  There are the dudes that hit girls up with the “what you up to tonight?” and fumble their way around to indirectly ask if the girl is willing to going out with them. These are the losers, maybe not in life but definitely in regards to dating. Then there are the dudes that hit you up with “I will be there at 8pm. Dress up.”  The latter guy will have the girl rearranging any plans previously made, getting off work early to get her hair done so that she is ready by 7:55pm.  This guy is a winner.  He is used to winning.  He is confident that the girl will say yes, and she does.
3)       Save Face for Another Day. She might be interested but just not available. If she doesn’t volunteer why that will not work don’t ask too many questions.  Just say okay and ask her to hit up when she is available. If she is interested, she will. Either way, you are not labeled “Do Not Answer” in her phone, “Loser” in her mind, and able to try again another day with your pride intact.

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