I’m the Reason His Phone is Locked

There was once a time, believe or not, he left his phone unlocked and unguarded for hours at a time while he played madden.  It was never an issue for either of us.  I don’t know what prompted me to check his phone the first time.  Maybe it was an inappropriate look when he was reading a message or a maybe a dismal of my feelings at the moment.   I don’t know if it was just learned behavior.
He was real open back then- would answer questions without any hesitation.  It was easy for him to love and trust.  He had no fears of being hurt or broken.  Words from someone he loved had never emasculated him.  He had never doubted his ability to be a man because it was never questioned or threatened before…before me.
I’m the reason you had to work so hard for him even though you were doing everything right.  You reminded him too much of me…and the pain that I accompanied.  I’m the reason he preferred the girls that required little to nothing to him for so long after me, and well, before you.
I’m also the reason he is patient with you.   He is slow to anger now.  You see, every issue you bring up now, I have already brought up.  I’ve already explained to him how regardless of his lack of understanding that feelings are to be respected within a relationship.  Yeah, we had that argument a many of time so that is no longer an issue for you.
He is a better communicator thanks to me as well.  He no longer bottles up his frustrations to protect his pride.  He knows that love requires action now.  He is thoughtful and considerate because I taught him that women need to be reassured they are loved  sometimes- well actually often.  I explained that, yes, even though you provide with no complaints, it is the little, smaller things that makes us smile.
So yes, his phone is locked now.  He thinks it is to avoid any unnecessary arguments.  But he is also a better man now.
You can thank me later.