The Sprung Man Syndrome

Women are not the only ones capable of becoming too wrapped up in a relationship or man and catching the Clingy Girl Syndrome (CGS). Everyday another man is lost to the whip appeal of a woman and thus becomes sprung.  When men love, they can easily go harder than any woman and develop a severe case of Sprung Man Syndrome (SMS).
While all women say they want to be loved and adored yet continuously date men that treat them the complete opposite, constant and continuous tending to is nothing short of annoying.  Here are few surefire ways to keep your manhood…and keep her interest.
1) Say NO every 20th time. I know the ladies are not going to feel me on this, but I must say it because it is true.  As a man, you can NOT do whatever she wants, when she wants, how she wants.  ALL women will abuse your niceness.  So you have to systematically exercise your mandom and just say no.  If you are unsure when to apply your no’s just go with every 20th request.  I don’t care if it is something you would normally do without thought.  She comes in and asks ever so sweetly, “Babe, you mind helping me out with the rest of the groceries in the car?”  You check your tally and if this is the 20th request you reply in the sweetest way possible “No,” and watch her struggle and act like you are really into Pardon the Interruption.  You will be called every name in the book, but you will maintain your mandom.
2) Be unavailable: Do you find yourself picking up her call before the first ring is even complete?   Stop that.  Just don’t answer sometimes. It is okay, she will be alright.  I am by NO means saying cheat or lead her to believe you are cheating, but just be busy doing other things sometimes.  Play basketball, enjoy a round of golf, read a book at the library, or do whatever you did before her to relax and enjoy yourself.  These are things that attracted her to you in the first place.
3) The Even Exchange: Don’t let her continue to drag you to every chick flick and not make her watch your dumb guy movies.  You have to go shopping with her then she has to watch the game later with you.  I realize these are gross generalizations, but you get the idea.  Relationships can easily become full of compromises where one no longer recognizes the other, or it can be a beautiful combination of who you both already are.
Be a beautiful combination.