The Pasteurization: A Look into Online Dating

I recently saw a commercial for leading internet dating site,  Directly following that commercial was an advertisement for V8 Splash juices.  I couldn’t help but see the connection between internet dating and V8 juices.  Both may fill the void of the complete absence of fruit & vegetables and dating.   However, is it a true substitute for the real thing?

Dating in a Bottle

Like V8, internet dating, eliminates the natural selection process of finding a mate.  I love to cook.  One of the first steps in cooking is selecting ingredients.  I love to go through the produce- squeezing, poking, and smelling fruits and vegetables to find the freshest picks.  Then on the meat section, I carefully examine color, cut, and quality, again with the purpose to find the best pick for intended meal.  Both V8 juices and internet dating picks the fruit for you.  The fruit could be of a lower quality or rotten, likewise profile pictures could be altered or photo shopped.  You never know.
Secondly internet dating, like V8, chops, purees, and bottles the dating process.  Meeting someone, exchanging numbers, anticipating the first call, and first date butterflies is replaced with inbox messages relays and chats from the comfort of your respective homes.  Internet dating forces the natural progression without establishing a true chemistry that may not exist in person.  It is much easier to be witty, charming, and funny with time delays, time gaps, and ability to Google that internet dating provides. In real life, you may discover the person lacks the traits portrayed in this virtual life.
Lastly, V8 eradicates true texture, flavor, and smell of fruits and vegetables.  Internet dating does the same for dating.  Standardized tests and computations determine connections instead of coffee shop conversations, dinners, and long walks.  Nutritionists and doctors alike will proclaim that despite all the science that exists there is no replacement for the nutrients found directly in the fruits and vegetables supplied by nature.  Similarly while internet dating does have a market for the undesirables, it cannot replace the real thing.