You Can’t Turn a Jump-Off into a Husband

We have all heard of the phrase, “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.” It was once widely accepted as an universal truth.  However, that seems to be less and less the case nowadays.  But there is a much lesser known phrase that still holds true: “You can’t turn your jump-off into your husband.”  Well actually, it was just some insight a friend shared this weekend that I felt needed to be shared with the masses.
Men, most men, have very clear and distinct separation of someone they would marry versus someone in whom they would just have sex.  Hell, they even have standards between who they would be in a relationship with versus who they would marry.  The traits a man wants his wife to possess are typically more defined and enforced than someone who would never be a potential wife.
Women seem to not have that standard.  Oh there is the standard in theory!  Some women go as far as to make detailed lists and vision boards of their dream husband.  Contrarily in actual practice, it is take whatever you can get mentality.  If he only offers sex, you’ll take that.  If it is dating, you take that. And if he wants a relationship then you’ve hit gold and from there you readjust the list of things that are important to you to fit who he really is and willing to offer.  But women, like men, must embrace the you can’t turn your jump-off into your husband philosophy.  Allow that man only the opportunity to serve whatever role in which he is currently qualified. Just like companies don’t hire people that haven’t finished sixth grade to be CEO, you shouldn’t allow a man that doesn’t meet your minimum requirements for a husband take up space, time, and resources that should only be available to someone worth it.  And honestly, if he is worth it, he won’t take away from, he will only add to your overall well being and way of life.
It is the holding on of things less than what we desire that inhibits us from receiving what we really want and what we really need.  It is also the amplifying of the mundane that distract us from the real goal and lowers our standards and expectations.  So if you have a jump-off, let him be just that- ONLY that.  Definitely don’t make him your live-in boyfriend and give him husband access.  Reserve that for the right one.  Keep your standards.

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