Forever Young: 10 Years Removed

Welcome to another edition of light Fridays

Well, today marks the beginning of the festivities for my 10 year high school reunion.  (*shout out to the class of 2000*) Though I am sure it will be a great time full of laughs and reflecting, I can’t shake one feeling: DENIAL.  I am in complete and total denial that 10 years have passed and so quickly.  I am no longer in my hometown and consciously made no plans to be there because it is hard to stay in the comfort of my denial if I actually attend.  Well, that and I don’t think much has changed since last I saw everybody.  As matter of fact, Facebook has basically dissolved the “I wonder how such & such is doing?”
When I was 18, I was full of potential, strong-willed, and goofy.  At 28, I am still the same person.  Or maybe I am not.  Maybe I am completely different- more sure, more determined, and more self-aware.  After reflecting, I realize I have no reason to be in denial.  I am in a beautiful point in my life and it needs to be embraced.  Actually I am glad that my high school years are long over because  I thoroughly enjoy the autonomy I have in my life.
Right now are times that I really want to cherish.  The times where we have access to the world we want.  Stupidity has fled and responsibility is welcomed.  Moves are being made and our mark is finally being made on the world.  And 28 is still young, right??

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