This Could Be Fun…

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

It seems the older people get the less they are willing to step out of their comfort zone in fear of looking foolish or silly.  Everyone wants to be cool and composed at all times.  But honestly, all of that effort to maintain outward composure and coolness makes one stiff and extremely boring.
I find it extremely disheartening when a man doesn’t know how to be a kid again and just have fun.  A man that is not afraid to get dirty, wet, or break a nail while laughing at it all is a man after my own heart.  Some men sit on the sidelines and complain about how wack doing something is while watching the uninhibited people have all the fun.  Then there are those that need Hennessey (or whatever their vice is) to have a good time.  They only let loose when alcohol is involved, and to me that is wack.  Actually, the coolest men to be around or those that don’t need to be entertained but can entertain themselves and others by just having plain ol’ fun.
So this is to all the men that still do the running man, go in on karaoke, run and play at the park, would see if they can still hula hoop, eats Mike and Ikes, start water gun fights, slam-dunks people in the pool, and know how to have good, clean fun because I don’t want to have all the fun by myself…but I will!

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