Why Athletes Should Open Schools

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Politics remove practicability from otherwise easy equations.  It is okay because I have practical, easy to implement, and most of all effective solutions floating around in my head all of the time.  I started this with a popular post of Why Rappers Should Open Grocery Stores in an effort to combat juvenile crime and lack of grocery stores in the black community.
After reading this article here on the dismal graduation rates of black men a couple months ago and becoming utterly disheartened and distraught by these numbers, I decided that another practical solution was needed.  It is out of that frustration, I present WHY ATHLETES SHOULD OPEN SCHOOLS:


If you can beat me one-on-one, then you can get a free homework pass.


1) Black Boys Loves Sports. I understand that most boys [and girls], regardless of race love sports.   However, the numbers for others races are NOT despairingly low.  Most young black boys all have dreams to be like Kobe, Michael Vick, or Lebron James.   These boys seem to spend more time after school playing sports or playing sports video games than studying and completing homework.  While most school systems have a No Pass, No Play policyin place, it is only for school sponsored athletics. However, if there was an opportunity to expand this to an all boys school in the hood, then maybe we will see more dedication to their education. For example, any kid that has a 3.0 or higher GPA gets to go to play with Kobe once a month.  That beats that useless certificate any day.  And it produces results.

2) Athletes Have Off-Season. Of course, training at the professional level is constant, however there are months when there is much more down time.  In those months, these athletes could hold camps at their schools and bring in other athletes to stress the importance of education.  It would be especially beneficial to have athletes that actually completed college and made it to the professional level to show that you can be both- an intellectual and an athlete.  Also retired athletes should be scheduled to visit weekly to talk to the young men to help inspire them on a regular basis.  I believe school attendance would go up drastically.
3) It is a Win-Win Situation. I believe if an athlete is willing to do this, then the least the government can do is provide a substantial tax break to provide both incentive and promote it to other athletes.  Opening a school also looks great to sponsors, so more income will be flowing in anyway.  Between sponsorships and grants, a credible and passionate administration and faculty, and an athlete as a figurehead, schools tailored for young black men should be both possible and plausible. Young black men would be excited about education and see it as a necessity instead of an option.

Well, that is just my solution.  The status quo is obviously not working.

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