Crush on You

It is Friday, so I will keep it light today.

It was all so simple then

Back in day there were sock hops, field days, pixy stix, and crushes.  That’s right, crushes.  Back then you told one friend, that friend told 3 people, those told 7 people and eventually the word would make it back to the person of interest… and your local morning newspaper.  Usually by this time, you were no longer really interested.  The real excitement was the suspense of whether the crush knew or who will tell first.  That was the fun part because after the crush knew the thrill dissolved.
But we are all grown up now, right?  Meh, not so much. It was recently tweeted “Adult crushes are healthy.”  I could not agree more.  We live in a society that no longer values the “crushing” stage-the time it takes to see if you even want to get to know the person better before you enter the sexual realm.  So I say, go ahead, have a crush.  Have two or three.  Then go get you a snow cone, put on some Hi-Five, and do the wop!!

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