The Clingy Girl Syndrome

Most women assume a man will not commit to a monogamous relationship.  Men are held to little to no expectation to avoid future disappointment.  All men are the same until tested and proven otherwise.  So it is no wonder when a man comes along that exceeds expectations that women have a tendency to hold on to that man for dear life.
The first call is to the girls because they HAVE to know. Then facebook has to know.  Relationships statuses have to change, you must add commentary to every status, and write on his wall every couple hours just cause.  All twitter updates refer to this new man. New love can have anyone over-feeling themselves.   Your friends simply roll their eyes whenever you come around because they know you have only one topic of conversation- him.   It is not because they are not excited for you, but they know you have caught a terrible disease- the clingy girl syndrome (CGS).

I know we have only been together for 2 days but I need you to change your relationship status right now.

The Clingy Girl Syndrome (CGS) is detrimental for three reasons:
1)      The intent is not pure. The constant wall messages and status updates are not because you are sooooo in love.  The purpose is so other women will know who you are- the new girl in his life.  It is a territorial claim. This man is now your territory.  It is not to awe the man; men could care less about hourly updates, especially if they will see you later that day.
2)       CGS is destructive because men are innately claustrophobic. Men, even those in love, need room to breathe.  Your need to claim your territory in his home, via social media, and his life will may push him away.  This concept is magnified if the man is not used to being in a committed relationship.  All of the newness plus your narcissistic behavior may prove to be too much for this newbie.
3)      You lose yourself.  You once had hobbies, interests, academic and professional pursuits but not anymore.  You used to contribute relevant perspectives in conversations with your colleagues, family, and friends but that too is now on the backburner to your new love.  You have sadly become one-dimensional.
There are a few cures for CGS.  Good friends will let you enjoy it for a while but will bring you back to reality.  Then, there is the pivotal point when you realize your new love is not perfect and brings you down off your high. And the worst, you lose something you value because your priorities are no longer in order.  I wish good friends upon you.  It is important that you remain the woman he fell in love with and you keep your crazy CGS urges under control.  And you do it not for him, but for something with a lifetime guarantee- do it for you.