Can You Really Overcome Bad Sex?

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

I was recently reminded of a status I posted on facebook almost a year ago.  I was asked if it still held the same stance, and I replied yes and no…
The question was this: how would you rank the following in significance when building a relationship: a) looks b) assets c) chemistry/sex/sexual connection d) goals/ambition e) spirituality f) common interests?
A year later, I feel there are two more things that must be added to this list. g) intelligence, which I have obviously taken for granted all of these years, and h) effective communication, again something I previously assumed was a given, but in recent interactions discovered it is not.
The additions in place, and not to totally contradict myself in Monday’s post, my order would be:
E- G- C- H- F- D- A- B

Please note: everyone has on their clothes. Chemistry. Get Some.

Assets are the least important to me because I feel if you are doing the rest, the assets will undoubtedly follow. And you call me shallow, but it is hard to get to know C-H without A being in place.  If there is no initial attraction people rarely take the time to get to know a person beyond what they need to.  And sex, sex IS important.  While no relationship should be based around it because it is a thin, feeble, and weak foundation, it can be a deal breaker if it not up to par and beyond repair.  In theory, it should not debunk E,G, H, F, and D but I can understand how it can.  I am not promoting having sex before you have a relationship either.  I believe it is very possible, and much more feasible, to determine a sexual connection before you even get naked have sex.  I know it’s crazy since so many just jump straight to the sheets. For me, I like touch when I talk to people, especially the ones I like.  It is usually a gentle brush on the arm or hand but when you get close to man you like, you can tell if there is chemistry or not.  It is the synergy that fills the air before the first kiss.  It cannot be manufactured or forced or bought.

But those are just my thoughts.  What are yours?

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