Professions That Get an Automatic No

Welcome to Another Edition of Light Fridays

I am not the type of girl that asks, “So what do you do?” upon meeting a man for the first time.  To me, it is a tacky, pretentious, and superficial conversation regardless of gender.  Nonetheless, at some point it is bound to creep into conversation.  Generally, I believe people are more than what they do.  Very few people are fulfilled in their day-to-day jobs, so potential to be more is still abundant.  Contrarily, there are a few occupations that when a man tells me he does, I am automatically turned off and have to restrain from making an outward grimace.
1) Police Officer: There are good cops and there are bad cops. While I enjoy the benefits of good cops doing their job, I would never be compatible with the type of man that wants to be a police officer.  Even if I can past the power trips and ego complexes, I can NOT get past the way they walk.  It is usually stiff and awkward, and it just screams I’m corny.
2) Code/Parking Enforcement: I live in D.C. with out-of-state tags on my car.  Enough said.  Seriously, if you have ever tried to park in D.C or NYC, I know you and your wallets have felt my pain.  That said, I have a moral obligation not only to myself, but to everyone that has justly or unjustly received a parking ticket to never give you any play. Ever.
3) Preacher: I LOVE Jesus, make no mistake about it.  I was raised southern Baptist, so the church is another member of our family.  But I could never date a preacher because I don’t want to be preached to every day.
Him: How was your day?
Me: It was okay.
Him: Just okay? You pray about it? You know are too blessed to be stressed!
Me: *side-eye*
Additionally, in my experience, it is really, really, really hard to fully process someone’s preaching that you know personally and intimately. All you can think about it the inconsistencies between what is being preached and what is being done.  And well, I rather not complicate my church experiences.
4) Politician: I have a personal twitter account were ignorance ensues on a regular basis.  This is only a small portion of the recklessness that ensues in real life.  So in essence, I would be the “Jeremiah Wright” of any campaign. It would only be a matter of time before you got tired of trying to defend me and will have to totally sever any ties.  So in the interest of your political career, I will just save you the trouble from jump.

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The Gamble: An Open Letter to Him

Sometimes, I just need a break.  It is not that I am not interested in you or don’t think you are wonderful; I just need some time away to better myself.  You, men, are a distraction that right now I can’t afford to have. You, men, can easily take time off to pursue your academic and professional endeavors, but I, a woman, receive the side-eye when I say right now that last thing on my mind is dating.  No, I am not jaded or bitter.  I am merely not interested…at least not right now…I can’t right now.
I am past the point in my life where I am dating for the sake of dating, so when I date, I will date with purpose.  I already know the type of men I am attracted to which is the same type of men I attract: the ambitious.  Well actually anyone can be ambitious, but I have a tendency to fall in love with the ones that have ambition and actively pursue their dreams.   These men that steal my heart will inevitably become the leaders that shape our world for the better.
But I have to ensure I have some things to of my own to bring to the table.  My profound thoughts, my accomplishments, my realized potential, my satisfaction are all things I want…no, that I need to bring to the table in my next relationship.  And now, I am lacking in some areas.  So despite of my love for you, I don’t think it is fair to you or to me to put myself in a situation where resentment may grow and fester.  I know you are thinking, we can do this together. We probably could or there is the slight chance that my dreams may get lost in the shuffle of life and love.  I can’t let that happen again.  Time is too precious and too sparse.  Subsequently, I will be over here working, writing, schooling, and achieving until I am satisfied with what I bring to the table of excellence.  I will do this until success no longer feels like the grind but routine.  In the meantime, I will be having the time of life.  I will do everything I want to do.  I will invite you along and vice versa, but the feelings, emotions, and commitment will be left at the coat check.  And I can only pray that you, Mr. Perfect for Me, will still be there when I am ready to go with you.