About The Mocha Café

Jog With Me
First of all I would like to thank EVERYONE that has visited, posted, and retweeted this blog.  The support has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated! Seriously and truly, thank you.
While this is another relationship blog, it is not just a relationship blog.  It is simply a medium to express my thoughts on every day, real-life scenarios.  The intention is not to heal, fix, or cure any ills but simply provide my [at times limited] perspective.  My focus is to document my own journey and ignite relevant conversation in your respective homes.  My stance is often light-hearted and/or satirical.  Sometimes I provide commentary and other times I am in the mood to write a short story.  It is just a blog, so I enjoy the freedom to go as I feel.  If you don’t agree with something, say so.  If you have a different perspective, share it.  This is by all means an open forum.
I say it is not just a relationship blog because I sincerely have an interest in relationships & behavior.  I have a psychology degree.  And well since that is useless,  I will be entering graduate school in the fall to study… guess??….Marriage Counseling and eventually to earn my doctorate in Family Science.  It is truly my passion.  This is merely a stepping stone toward bigger goals. It is a stepping stone that I have recently decided to take more seriously to help maintain my focus because it is hard to run a marathon without ever jogging around the block.  So this is my jog…..thank you for jogging with me.
Feel free to hit me up at truest_intent@themochacafe.com or on twitter @themochacafe

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