The courage to be vulnerable

Somewhere along the way, while acquiring degrees and becoming world-traveled, young African-Americans in the DC area have forgotten how to communicate. Oh sure, networking, socializing, and brunching are all at an all-time high; however, honest, direct one-on-one communication is scarce in this city.  It is not intentional.  The gradual, yet swift shifts from long walks in the park to drunken sub-tweets (subliminal tweets) have made it much too easy to circumvent a real conversation. [Continue reading here]

Playing the part

Any given day in the nation’s capital, you will find couples enjoying the many sites this city has to offer.  As you stroll along the National Mall, you won’t get far before you see couples holding hands, enjoying a picnic, or a bike ride together. To the naked eye, one would assume these couples are in loving and committed relationships; however, most couples in D.C. lack commitment…and well, the love can be one-sided. Nevertheless, the perks that are typically only associated with committed relationships, oddly, still run rampant. [Continue reading here]

Enjoying where you are

Recently on an episode of the new and very popular TV show Happy Endings, Penny’s date discovered her notepad with her first name with his last name scribbled all over the page.  When her date asked what that was about, she had to explain that she was “trying out his last name.” The genius of it was his last name was Hitler… [Continue reading here]

What are you bringing to the table?

There was once a time, not too long ago, when women weren’t required or expected to have the same education credentials as their male counterparts. While this was true for both the professional and societal realms, education most certainly wasn’t a determining factor when it came to relationships and marriage. Everyone understood that even the women who were ambitious enough to venture off to college only did so to find a properly suited and educated man- rarely did she have the intention of actually having to ever use her degree. Times have indeed changed. [Continue reading here]

What I’ve Been Up To…


First of all, THANK YOU, yes YOU for the continued support over the last 2 years.


Secondly, many people that aren’t connected to me via facebook or twitter have asked what I’ve been up to and, more important, what’s up with the blog?  In short I have been doing everything in my power to get closer to my ever-evolving dreams.  And well, I still have a ways to go!


However I have been doing a little writing when I can fit it in with the Washington DC Examiner. And I’ve decided to share them on here as well, so you are able to connect and stay in touch as often as you would like. As always, I am open to feedback on here or anywhere I publish!!


Your continued support means the world!


*posts to follow*