The Vision

Earlier this year, I was cleaning out and organizing my email accounts, and I ran across an email that I sent to myself in 2008 to create a vision board.  I do that a lot, send emails as reminders to myself; however, I suppose this one got lost in the shuffle.  But actually, my rediscovering of this email couldn’t be more timely.  I was feeling like I was in a rut and not moving forward.  Or maybe I was moving forward, but I didn’t feel like it was the right direction for me.  So I used this email reminder to create a vision board as an opportune time and method to refocus and gain new insights on what I really want to do and who I really want to be.
The items that came to mind surprised and overwhelmed me.  I realized so many of my reachable goals had been pushed to the background.  So many of my interests and hobbies that gave me life dissolved under workloads and strained relationships.  Since that time, I have gotten back to me.  I removed the expectations of others, turned to the sources of true delight, and then created a plan.   A new road map since the previous one…faded, dirty, trodden- it was best to just begin again.   And with so much on the to-do list, I began to get overwhelmed.  I grew frustrated over the time I’ve lost and opportunities I’ve missed.  But then I realized those frustrations were just distractions that had lingered too long.  I could only start from where I am.  I can only start with today.  And move forward. Focused on the vision of a better me.