Welcome to Cuddle Season

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

Well, the first snow of the season hit the DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) today.  Accordingly, I have officially pronounced today the beginning of cuddle season.  *cheers* But if this winter is anything near the brutality of last winter, cuddle season can get boring real quick. The first 3 days are fun-filled.  After 6 weeks, it can be suicidal.
I don’t want any couples fun to run out being stuck in a winter slump and as such I came up with a list of must-haves to be prepared for this winter’s cuddle seasons.  You can only watch but so many movies.
1)        Games Galore: I am talking board games, cards, and most importantly a game system.  The staples include scrabble, a deck of cards, and monopoly.  The essentials are guitar hero and rock band and anything else that forces you get off that couch and move around.  What are we playing for???? Favors.  Massages, dinners, digging the car out of the snow…
2)        Have a Club. It is too cold for women to go out in high heels and short dresses just to dance and have a good time.  So create a club in your living room.  Dim the lights, turn up the music, pour the drinks and get the party going.  So what you have only one partner to dance with.  That is all you need.  At least he is not the ugly weirdo that sneaks up behind you in the club or the stalker that follows you around after paying for one drink or the perverted groper.
3)        Goodies. Besides candles and a battery operated light source, the most important thing you need is food. Lots of food.  But don’t just get the necessities; get some of your favorite things to snack on throughout the day.  While you are at the store you might as well get some chocolate syrup and some whip cream….for the hot cocoa, of course.

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