National Heroines: The Golden Girls

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

I am not sure why I was allowed to watch The Golden Girls at such a young age.  Of course, most of the sexual innuendos flew right over my head, but still highly inappropriate.  As an adult, I can appreciate the show even more for its unprecedented humor from a woman’s point of view.  Aside from the sex, The Golden Girls managed to touch on just about every social issue of its time from racism, interracial dating, unwed pregnancies, homosexuality, Alzheimer’s and other social injustices.
What the Golden Girls did to was open the door for women to have open and candid conversations about a once taboo topic- women’s sexuality.  It is because of the candid dialogue by these old horny ladies that subsequent generations of women have been able to express their wants, desires, concerns, and fears without the stigma of being unfairly labeled or ostracized.  In essence, this show helped catapult an entire movement of woman being able to freely express themselves sexually in music, movies, and literature.  While the rippling effects can be argued to have either positive or negative effects, I believe overall the dialogue did more good as a means to empower women.  The awareness and confidence in one’s sexuality can transpire to academic, professional, personal aspects of a woman’s life.
In addition to all of this, these ladies had the nerve to be hilarious, charming, witty, and some of the best comedic actors ever.  The chemistry and timing between these ladies has yet to be matched.  It is for these reasons, I believe the show deserves a national holiday.

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