Dating the Complete Opposite

Everyone makes lists.  You have grocery lists, to-do lists, and your ideal partner list.  Once upon a time, I was completely opposed to the latter.  I felt a list constricted your ability to meet great people and ultimately who God has for you.  However, the problem was never the concept of the list but the lists I heard often lacked substance and were very superficial.  I am still very much opposed to those lists.  There are lists that can serve as guidelines for what you really want in your next relationship.  Even the posts over the span of this blog have served as a list of traits needed in a man and things I never wanted to repeat from past relationships.
Before, I suppose I had a mental list, but like most women dated the complete opposite.  The traits that are concrete in theory are actually waived, if not completely ignored, in practice.  So when I see comments like women truly don’t know what they want or women say one thing, yet date the complete opposite—maybe there is some validity in those statements.
But the truth of the matter is men do the exact same thing.  They have these lists for the ideal wife. She has to meet whatever requirements, yet consistently wife up less than chicks.  Of course, it doesn’t work out and they blame the women for falling short when they never should be allowed to play in the first place.
So today, I am simply promoting writing lists.  Write it out old school style with a pen and paper.  Try to be your least superficial self.  Keep it short and meaningful.  Trust what you have learned thus far in life.  And this time try something different, save yourself a headache and heartbreak, and actually stick to the list.

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2 Responses to Dating the Complete Opposite

  1. TheRealestLeo says:

    I don’t think there’s any way to write a list without being superficial.

    (Which is the reason why I don’t do lists anymore.)

    I hope to find a woman that thinks the same way…..Can we just like each other and move the ball from there? lol

    • Lists don’t have to be superficial. I used to think the same way but I ended up repeating mistakes and trying to force things or adapt my beliefs and lower my standards to accommodate someone I like. If I had stayed true to who I am, i would have saved myself the time and the heartache. but that is just my experience.

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