Keeping Her Happy

Recently a friend tweeted, “You can never make a woman happy.”  Of course, all the men chimed in and retweeted this statement affirming its validity that is indeed impossible for a man to make a woman happy.
Of course, this is not true.  It is rather easy to make a woman happy.  Her favorite candy, a sweet mid-day text, or a big, long hug are all easy, reasonable ways to make women happy.  In essence, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way with women.  I think we can all agree on this.
KEEPING her happy—well that is entirely different story.  Women have very short memories and convenient amnesia, so whatever a man did last week has already been forgotten.  It is not because it wasn’t sweet, thoughtful, or whatever sacrifice wasn’t appreciated either.  However, the process of keeping a woman happy is literally a never-ending process.
Usually when you think of long, never-ending processes, you associate the task as hard and tedious.  However, as stated before, it is easy.  A man just has to keep doing it.  Men have a tendency to begin a relationship by going all out.  He opens all doors, plans nice dates, calls and texts often, and is willing to do whatever is needed to secure his position in your life.  Two months into the relationship all of the wooing is gone.  Where does the woo go?? A woman who has become accustomed to certain behaviors from a man expects that treatment to always be the case.  In addition to the things a man does initially, as the relationship progresses, the expectations of what a man should contribute to her life grow as well.
Initially it can seem like a lot, but a relationship should be treated as any other living creature.  You have to feed it, tend to it, trim it and make sure it has a nurturing environment in which both the individuals and the couple collectively can grow.  You can’t expect a plant to continue to live if its owner expects the water it gave it last month to be sufficient for this month. Whenever that person decides to go back and check on that plant, it will be dead.  Relationships are the same way.  Both men and women must check in, but it seems to come more naturally for women.  By time a man realizes he needs to check in, it may be too late.
The key to keeping a woman happy is simply for a man to be consistent in his care.  If she is happy, then she will go through great lengths to keep her man happy.

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