A Wendy’s Type of Chick

Last Friday, after an especially long week, I decided that a margarita and some quesadillas were of the utmost importance and my way to an On the Border.  The margarita was weak.  Anyway, due to where I was seated, I was forced to overhear a conversation between a middle-aged black couple obviously on a date and evidently still in the getting to know each other stage.
The lady, loud and defensive in her tone while wearing the lowest of low v-neck blouses to ever grace a chest, decided to share a story of how her friend’s man had left her friend and how trifling he was.  As the conversation transitioned, the man began to talk about his portfolio and how much he had made in the stock market recently.  I just shook my head.
It seems every woman is looking for a good man and every good man is looking for a good woman.  Obviously the competition is stiff and fierce on both sides of the field as no one wants to be stuck with an imposter.  I get that you have to use what you have to stand out and set yourself apart.  I get that.
What I don’t understand is ladies claiming they don’t want a man that only wants sex yet wear virtually nothing.  That I don’t get.  If I can piece together the pictures of your avatars from facebook, twitter, and/or tumblr and get a complete portrait of you naked- you’re doing it all wrong.  It seems to be an ongoing contest to see who can outslut the other.
Similarly men that do not want a gold digger probably shouldn’t be talking about financial portfolios, income, or property two dates in.  All that conversation attracts is women that only want your money.
For both, these acts of desperation scream “This is all I have going for me.” And well, maybe that is true but you don’t have to let the other person know so early in the game.
The goal is for everyone to market themselves appropriately for the partner in which you hope to find.   Men cannot expect to have money pictures and not be asked by a lady to pay for something.  I know some males that are constantly losing because they are forever tricking paying for a girl to spend time with them.  He thinks if he pays for dinner, hair, and rent and then spend some time with him then she likes him.  Anybody would love you if you are just giving money away with little to no investment.  Why do you think the lottery is popular?
It is also a delicate art, to be universally sexy without being trashy.  Equally difficult is to present yourself as fun, but not only be someone’s good time for a night.   A good man will respond appropriately based on how you present yourself.  So when you see a dude you let hit last week after he brought you some Wendy’s out on a date with the next lady at 5-star restaurant don’t be mad.  It doesn’t mean he is a dog, you probably just marketed yourself as a Wendy’s type of chick…

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2 Responses to A Wendy’s Type of Chick

  1. Great post as usual.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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