On Long Distance Relationships…

Let me just put it out there- long distance relationships suck.  I honestly don’t understand how anyone would willingly enter them without any plan to move closer to each other very soon.   And although, I accidentally stumbled into one, I only find comfort in knowing he is more than worth it.  Other than that, I would never recommend it.   I would have paid good money in betting that I would never be in one myself.  But alas, here we are.
Contrarily, I believe that this initial distance has actually been beneficial to [re-]establishing a solid foundation for our relationship.  In being forced to only talk has created an open and honest dialogue about our past, present, and future…minus the physical aspect.  You know once sex enters the picture it is hard to determine how much you like the person from how much you like your interactions.  The lines easily blur past that point and it is easy to become confused.  Plus, some men are willing to say and do anything to make you feel as comfortable as possible to give them your body.  So when that is not available for elongated periods it gives a clearer picture of their intent.
This brings me to the second benefit of long distance relationships is because it requires absolute consistency and trust.  I put these together because I believe consistency feeds trust and trust will fuel the relationship.  We make a point to make time for each other consistently.  And even when life is hectic there is open communication and feedback, not because anyone has to check in but because in a long distance, doubt is the enemy.  All of which brings us back full circle to communication.  I thought I was good at it but I realized that I have grown accustomed to rely more on written and non-verbal communication than actually speaking my mind.
Other than the listed, yeah, long distance relationships pretty much suck! I appreciate this experience but I am grateful we’re working to eliminate the long distance out of this relationship.

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2 Responses to On Long Distance Relationships…

  1. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    Long distance relationships? Not my style. I’d rather have someone I know I can be around and someone who, if I put in the work, I can see and enjoy the results I get in return.

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