Still Clubbing????

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

I have absolutely no desire to still be clubbing at 40 years old.  None. Whatsoever.  While I have never been a frequent clubber, I am not sure when I will be ready to call a complete quits on clubbing.  This week in trying to figure out what the move will be for Howard’s Homecoming, I asked some 20 people or so what their plans were for that weekend.  One lone person stated he is probably not hitting up the club scene but looking for something low key at someone’s house.  I called him an old man.  But truthfully, the thin line for when it is still acceptable to be seen at public party scene and when such sighting is absolutely ridiculous is indeed on the horizon.

It is tragic when you didn't realize you are too old to still be doing this! I don't want to my memo.

I can’t say for sure when my last hurrah at the club will be.  I love to dance.  While most of my dancing is often done in my living room, it is hard to duplicate the energy of a real DJ and other people to, you know, dance with me.  During homecoming that energy is multiplied several times over, and it is just so much fun to catch up with everyone.  Actually, I use catch up very loosely…maybe to see everyone is more appropriate.  The truth is with the music blaring and the alcohol consumption levels not much catching up is taking place at the club.  It is crazy fun nonetheless.
I know one day, I eventually will move to a point when I will host the homecoming party at my house.  All of our kids will get to know each other as they play in the game room.  The adults will be in the living room really catching up and reminiscing on how we lived it up back in the day.  But for right now, I will continue to make the memories now for later.

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2 Responses to Still Clubbing????

  1. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Aggin you ALREADY too old for the club. You so old, back when you was little the club was the thing yo daddy used to kill dinner. Ol’ Geriatric, Is there an Early Bird Special, Can’t my AARP count as ID ass.

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