The Grind

It is impossible to go a day in the life of social networking without seeing a status or tweet referring to the grind.  It seems that everybody is on some sort of grind.  I would dare to say that most of the grind is really 95% in their heads and the rest can actually be accredited to some actual physical progression.  Whether the grind is real or fictional, I am tired of hearing about it.  I would much rather you show us- your results, that is.
I am fortunate enough to be surrounded around a vast array of people making a significant impact in their respective careers and communities.  Regardless if I know them personally or merely an acquaintance, I can constantly find inspiration on my news feeds and timelines.  However, the inspiration is not a status per se but rather newspaper articles, video footage, and links displaying the success in their fields.  That moves me.  It motivates to press forward.
Beyond the personal success stories, it is the success of those whose life’s work is dedicated to serving others that sets the standard in life goals.  Success that makes an impact on our communities is what I use to gauge where I am and where I want to be.  It is what separates the businessmen from the community leaders.  I truly believe that you can have both- servanthood does not have to be sacrificed in order to establish profit. Furthermore, it is those that see social, political, academic, and economic progress as the true reward that are the most inspiring.
So this post is to those that grind, but it is such a way of life that it warrants no status, and for those that don’t even have time to update a status at all.  That is the true grind.

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