Don’t Test Me

I hate tests.  I am not talking about the ones you take in school either.  I actually like those tests.  You are given a certain amount of information to acquire and then are given a set of questions to ensure that information was acquired.  Very rarely are teachers completely unfair and throw in trick questions, or well at least in my experiences.  I have given plenty of trick answers though.  I’ve digressed.
The tests I am referring to are these semi-standardized tests given by men at large.  Men, seemingly, have a secret coalition that is dedicated to make sure women are filtered through a set of random and impromptu tests.  This test includes such things like:
  • Will she offer to pay?
  • Will she open my side of the door after I open her door?
  • If possible, would she smash my homie?
I think those are the general standardized tests.  It simply separates the ones worth dating from the ones that are not.  But as a man gets more serious about a woman, the tests are more relationship-specific.  It’s crazy.  It is so easy to be caught up in being perfect that you don’t realize that you are simply jumping through one hoop after another.  This is why I provide my disclaimer at the very beginning.  It reads:
I am not perfect nor do I try to be.  My only aim is for authenticity- it requires fewer apologies.
Even then, I have still been tested by men.  I mean, I understand.  I do.  I am not even mad at men for this.  I figure one ho was made wife one time too many and preventive measures had to be established.  Good men had had enough of having the wool pulled over their eyes time and time again.
But relationships cannot be based on a series of tests.  Tests never tell the entire story.  A blank or wrong answer doesn’t reveal that a person may have just lost their grandfather who was the only father figure they had.  Nor do tests expose the sexual assault a lady experienced the week before so her studying was filled with tears.  Or maybe a man had been working two jobs just to pay his way through school so he missed the test because he overslept.  Anything could have happened that could have interfered with a person providing an accurate account of their learning.
Time is the only true test.  Time is the only way to reveal the true measure of character and integrity.  Time tells the story.

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One Response to Don’t Test Me

  1. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    I will keep testing women until my heart stops ticking…..The minute a woman finds out you’re not on your toes is the minute she COULD try to pull something on you. I think those ‘tests’ you mention are more of a “looking out for self” mechanism than anything else.

    And yes, we are tired of people trying to pull that wool over our eyes.

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