Dear Tiny,

Welcome to Another Edition of Light Fridays.

Dear Tiny,
Let’s be clear, I blame this entire fiasco on you.  I don’t know who is worse at holding your man down between  you or Whitney.  I believe there is a general misconception in what it means to hold you man down when dealing with hood mentalities and/or illegal recreational activities.  It does not mean go down with him, it means keeping him out of trouble for as long as possible.  And well, it has been less than 6 months since he was released from a halfway house, (why is it called that anyway? Half in prison, half free??) and less than a year since his prison release.  In short, you failed.  Do you see Jay-Z in and out of jail? No.   Here are a few suggestions of how you could have better held down your man,  yourself…and your children.

The owner of a Pruis doesn't get pulled over for random traffic stops.

1)      Smoke inside. And by inside I mean a house.  Anybody’s house.  A private estate.  I’m positive you could have found somewhere other than the streets of L. A. to get lifted.

2)      Rent a Toyota Pruis. A Maybach??? Really?  You both thought you were just going to blend in and go unnoticed as two black people in a Maybach?  Ok.

3)      Provide legal alternatives. I don’t smoke nor participate in illegal recreational activities, but I am sure there is something else more legal ya’ll could be doing on a Wednesday night.  What grown person completely wilds out on a Wednesday anyway?  Moreover, the fact that you have umpteen kids between the both of you should have been motivation enough.
Ms. What I Need From You is Understanding

Happy Labor Day Weekend! See ya Tuesday!

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7 Responses to Dear Tiny,

  1. Mr. Fantastic says:

    This is irrational, sure Tiny could have strayed TIP away from dope. But have you SEEN her show? She looks like she partakes in hoodrat activities on the day to day anyway. I don’t think TIP convinced her to smoke that night, I think they was like, “we got weed, we got blunt, we got ‘bach, sounds like a plan.”

    Further, they can’t get a Prius, not enough space form them AND TIPs guns. Period. Besides, you make the money to provide a base of wealth that will help take care of you and your family for years to come and build up the black community show it off to broke niggas so they can know you the trillest nigga ever.

    Finally, They private estate is probably more watched than the Maybach on the street during the day in a drug free school zone because TIP kept his GUNS at home, I think they’ll figure he keeps the dope at home too.

    In closing, you cannot blame Tiny for being who she is with TIP who is who he is (Just like you couldn’t really blame Bobby or Whitney), they need help. Blame the ppl outside the relationship who want the gravy train to keep rolling along on biscuit wheels call themselves friends but don’t hold them to a different standard to keep themselves out of trouble.

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    Oh and yes the Half-way house is exactly that, its like a wildlife preserve for thugs before they get reintroduced into nature.

    • ahahhaha! NO, I have NEVER seen her show. And I plan on keeping it that way.

      So sad that even as the King of the South you still feel like you have to stunt EVERY SINGLE day. That’s crazy. #weneedtodobetter

      Well, if not their private estate, someone else private estate. I know they know somebody house they can use that participates in similar activities.

      And while, I understand they need help. Somebody has to look at the bigger picture. And since he is still generating income, and she is benefiting, I decided it should be HER. I made an executive decision! lol!

      • Mr. Fantastic says:

        She makin’ money off the show

        • from BET??? Is BET paying out big money from has-been reality shows?? hmmph. Maybe I need to get on that. But she is NOT making T.I money by far. She ain’t never/will never be in any movies. She ain’t sold a cd since 1994 and even then she had to split it at least 4 ways. She didn’t even lead not ONE song so she ain’t banking off that. Yeah, T.I. is holding her down.

          • Mr. Fantastic says:

            BET is NOT paying out big money. Viacom is. You know the white people that own the work of the black people and are making all the money off of it. Sounds familiar right? Sorta like that slightly unpleasant time a long while ago… what’d they call that ? Oh yeah, SLAVERY.

            But at any rate, she might not be bankin’ like T.I. but she also ain’t broke. And her money was probably close comparatively because back then, even if she was splittin’ it, EVERYBODY still bought ablums. TIP splittin his money with limewire n shit.

            Either way, No Prius.

  3. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    You can take the people out the hood…..You know the rest.

    Not surprised one bit that they got arrested. Some people just don’t learn, I guess.

    So we have ONE Black woman that has her man’s back through thick and thin….LOL….*Obvious sarcasm there*

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