Dear Tiny,

Welcome to Another Edition of Light Fridays.

Dear Tiny,
Let’s be clear, I blame this entire fiasco on you.  I don’t know who is worse at holding your man down between  you or Whitney.  I believe there is a general misconception in what it means to hold you man down when dealing with hood mentalities and/or illegal recreational activities.  It does not mean go down with him, it means keeping him out of trouble for as long as possible.  And well, it has been less than 6 months since he was released from a halfway house, (why is it called that anyway? Half in prison, half free??) and less than a year since his prison release.  In short, you failed.  Do you see Jay-Z in and out of jail? No.   Here are a few suggestions of how you could have better held down your man,  yourself…and your children.

The owner of a Pruis doesn't get pulled over for random traffic stops.

1)      Smoke inside. And by inside I mean a house.  Anybody’s house.  A private estate.  I’m positive you could have found somewhere other than the streets of L. A. to get lifted.

2)      Rent a Toyota Pruis. A Maybach??? Really?  You both thought you were just going to blend in and go unnoticed as two black people in a Maybach?  Ok.

3)      Provide legal alternatives. I don’t smoke nor participate in illegal recreational activities, but I am sure there is something else more legal ya’ll could be doing on a Wednesday night.  What grown person completely wilds out on a Wednesday anyway?  Moreover, the fact that you have umpteen kids between the both of you should have been motivation enough.
Ms. What I Need From You is Understanding

Happy Labor Day Weekend! See ya Tuesday!

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