Recipe for Disaster

…you know, I was thinking more about Fantasia and how this entire situation could have been avoided.  Dude was married, separated, and claimed he was never going back to his wife.  Yet and still, Fantasia still ends up single, distraught, and facing a lawsuit from the wife…
Some men do put on guises and pretend to be all you need.  However, some men wave their caution tags loud and proud, and we women decide to ignore them or feel like you will be immune from heartache. Women are often in the kitchen preparing their own recipe for disaster.  I’ve been there.  Sometimes the signs are blurry and the lines are vague.  I’m here to help out.  Here are the men to avoid.
1) The married ones. The separated ones.  The ones that live with their girl whether they claim they are not together anymore.  The ones you can’t get in touch with after 10pm because they are with their main girl.  Sidelining is only cute for but so long.  You can’t be a sideline and want the main’s attention and respect.  You don’t want to be a sideline, then don’t participate in sideline activities.  Simple.
2) The ones that don’t care of their kids. There are some dudes (and women) that will tell you they have kids but they ALWAYS have time for you. You see the dude all the time but he doesn’t EVER have his kids- EVER??  I completely understand not wanting to introduce the kids to randoms but if you have been with a guy for months on end and he has never had the kid then that, my dear, is a red flag.  If he doesn’t take care of his responsibilities how is he going to commit to someone else?
3) The ones that can’t hold a job. It doesn’t matter as much what he does as much as how well he does it.  If he has a track record of getting fired or quitting a job every 2 months, he probably can’t commit to you either.  If he always runs away when he a challenge comes up at work he will do the same to you.
4) The ones that nothing is EVER their fault. We all know people that bad things continuously seem to happen to them but it is NEVER their fault. EVER??  Men that don’t accept responsibility for the things that they can control are weak.  Leave them alone.  And by doing so, you too take control of your actions and stop being the victim in every relationship.

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2 Responses to Recipe for Disaster

  1. goyagrrl says:

    Just read this post! So true!!!
    Keep on preaching it!

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