The Break-Up Survival Kit: The Fantasia Edition

I just read Fantasia’s sad story on  The singer, who tried and failed to commit suicide, was giving further insight to her situation saying she was tired of being hurt and done wrong over and over again.  Damn.  I mean we can all grasp that constant and repetitive heartache will take its toll on your spirit, but it is all about how you deal with the disappointment and pain. Fantasia in mind, I decided to create a Break Up Survival Kit, a little break-up cocktail if you will, to help you get over any man.  Hopefully that way you won’t feel the need to check out because of any dude that obviously was never worth your time from jump.  So here we go.
1) Ice Cream– It is so cliché but that is because it works.  Food brings comfort.  But it is a short temporary fix that you can’t over indulge in because you have to keep your figure to get the next man.
2) Beyonce- No one injects self-esteem, I don’t need a man-dom , and overall woman’s power more than Beyonce. Also dancing to all the songs is the perfect exercise to increase endorphins that will not only make you look better but feel better too!
3) Any Tyler Perry Movie– Nothing says ‘men ain’t bout nothing’ quite like a Tyler Perry movie. It is just always comforting to know no matter how bad you had it, a woman in a Tyler Perry movie had it 100 times worse. Plus there is always a “coming to Jesus” ending that renews faith that the feeling is only temporary.
4) New Dress- In a long term relationship it is easy to find yourself in a rut and no longer putting forth your best. A new dress, verses your comfortable sweats and tee, always has a way of making you feel fancy again.
5) New Shoes: Again cliché but it is a fact women walk much different in heels vs. flats.  Your head is up high, shoulders are back, a little more pep in that step.  All of which are ingredients to not only ‘faking it until you make it’ but to get the attention of the rebound guy.

Sending this one out to Fantasia!

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4 Responses to The Break-Up Survival Kit: The Fantasia Edition

  1. Jazz says:

    Depending on the magnitude of the break-up I might say that a hair cut/color change might be in order as well. After a big (and i mean BIG) break up i always change my hair. Makes me feel better as though I’m a new me…not the me who was with “him.”

  2. Nay of 5thGM says:

    LMAO at #2 and 3! Going out with the girls who know not to the mention the old guy is also a good remedy…

    Sidebar: SMH vigorously at Fantasia…. her child should’ve been enough motivation to live… I lose respect instantly for women who put men before their children…

    • Also a great idea! I always say my girls are my therapy!

      And yeah Fantasia needs to get it together. But there are clearly a lot of issues that have never been addressed!

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