Walking the Walk

When I first started this blog, I was writing just for me.  I had no idea that anyone would care to read it.  But as people begin to read it (thank you all so much), I held myself to one standard- that I will always write for me.  For the most part, I have maintained that standard.  The most intimate blogs has served as a love letter to me, from me, to remind me where I no longer wanted to be and more important, where I wanted to go – forward.
In these posts, I have touched on everything that I have learned about my past relationships that have shaped who I am today.  I have also tried to negate the superficial and focus on the things that are really important to me and things I feel like should really be at the foundation of any friendship or relationship.  However, sometimes superficiality lives closer to the surface in our real lives than they do just in theories or ideas.  For instance, the size of the ring, the house, and the cars, or the profession, or education begins to come into play, but I have to remind myself they are not the things that make a relationship a loving one.  However, sometimes we get caught up in the appearance of things and for some that is okay.  But for me, I have never been that person where those superficial things matter.  Nor do I judge or think I am too good for something or someone because I am not by far.  All of which is easy to write or say, it is slightly harder to walk the walk that I written to myself within these posts.  Had I not written these posts, I may have missed it and settled for the superficial to maintain appearances instead of taking these steps in the right direction.

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