My Letter to the Quiet Guy

I have always had a thing, a serious thing, for the cute, quiet guys. You see most of my close friends have strong, dominant personalities.  We tend to run the show, start the parties, and are very used to being the center of attention.  So I find it extremely refreshing and even more intriguing to see you relaxing in the back simply taking it all in.
When I was younger, I believed I enjoyed chase and catch of the quiet guys as opposed the ones in my face.  But in my experiences with those quiet guys, I was surprised to learn that not only are they not pushovers but are very opinionated, well-spoken, and well read.  And well, I am intellectual groupie. Additionally, there is nothing more alluring that quiet confidence.  You require no fanfare to draw me in and gain my undivided attention.
Now, I am no longer thrilled by the hunt and much more at ease with being actively pursued.  But you, the quiet guy, still present a challenge when it comes to placing interest.  How do I let you know?  You are so careful and deliberate in your actions not willing to jump to conclusions or misstep your boundaries so my subtle hints of “I think you are awesome” have seemed to go unnoticed for far too long.
I have learned patience and now value and embrace that time before the first hellos to the first dates to the first kisses.  The quiet guys before you taught me how to make sure those moments linger for as long as possible. Haste, rash decisions are no longer my friend. And now I appreciate you for taking your time to get to know more about me and to respect me.  And when you are ready, no, sure that I am all that I say I am then I am sure you will make your move.  Until then, I will watch you sit quietly in the back, watching me as I can’t help but watch you.

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