Making My Way

Life is full of choices.  There are the right choices and the wrong ones. It is usually those decisions that we put the least amount of energy in that most critically define us a person.  It is those well-planned choices that make us ordinary.  Some find safety in ordinary; however, I find security in knowing I towed the lines of my limits in an effort, no matter how futile, to be better than I am.
You would think as you get older, the more decisions you make, the easier the decision making process would be.  The confusion is not in what is right and wrong because that line is thick and undeniable.  However, the ambiguity comes if right is always the right decision to make or if it is even desired that I go right.  Some of the world’s greatest inventors, artists, and leaders were great because they did not follow the norm or standard protocol.  There is a time to go left, and deter from the path laid before you to in fact create a new, better path and to reach new, uncharted destinations.
So when is right right and when is right wrong?   I would be lying if I said I knew the answer to that question.  In the meantime, until clarity arrives, I will continue to do what feels right in my heart and in my spirit in an effort to create my own right.  I have no desires to live in the shadows of others that came before me’s right.  I know where the paved trails lead to – complacency.  I have no desire to be there, complacent, because that doesn’t feel right to me.  So I packed my hiking boots prepared to go off course to follow my intuition knowing the path will leave scratches, bruises, and at times be a brutal adventure.  But I will take pride knowing that is all mine- the successes and the failures.  I will sleep well knowing that I tested and realized my potential.  I will smile knowing that my gifts were used.  And the only contentment will come in knowing that my boundaries were expanded and I defined my own right.

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2 Responses to Making My Way

  1. Kiki says:

    I know and fully understand this all now…but how I wish I would have known this when I was 18…it would have made all the difference, and maybe, just maybe, my life would be completely different now. Now, I encourage my 18 year old sister to live her own life, on her own terms, and she’s doing it. As for me, I’m working on it 😉

    • Ah indeed! You should be applauded for encouraging your sister to find her own way no matter what you chose to do. And there is still plenty of time and a lot more uncharted territory out there. I say go for it! And you know I wish you nothing but the absolute best ! Thanks sooo very much for the read and comment.

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