Painting a Perfect Picture: The Art of Dating

It seems dating is a lost art.  Once upon a time, a man had to woo and court a woman to get her allegiance.  Men took pride in going all out to win the heart of a woman.  Nowadays, dates have been reduced to movie night at each other’s house.  Or if you are lucky, you will get dinner at Cheddar’s or some other generic low-end restaurant chain.
I personally don’t date or attract the men that think this is acceptable, but that is a post for another day.  Nevertheless, I am not sure if the problem is more of the men not knowing how it should be done or the women that are easily amused and impressed.  Either way, here are some examples of dates done right because some of you don’t have a clue.
Best date– Actually it was our very first date and he set quite the standard.  While living in Dallas, I had a habit of frequenting Houston, to get away from the boredom of Dallas’ social scene.  So when he asked if I could make it down one particular Friday, I was down.  I sneaked out of work early to beat some of the traffic, made it to Houston, and begin to get dressed.   I had no idea what the night had in store, so I decided dressy casual was the way to go. So when he picked me up (that’s right, he needs to pick you up, not you drive, and not you meet him there.  I don’t care how high gas is or how out of the way it may be,) he was very relaxed and laid back and set that set the tone for the entire night… so I thought.  The first stop was a very quaint and intimate Thai restaurant.  I asked him how he knew I loved Thai food.  He said I mentioned it once.  So I decided my entrée and told him.  When the waiter came, he ordered for us. So we began to talk and the chemistry was just crazy.  The food was superb.  We sat there for a while just enjoying each other’s conversation.   Then he asked if I was up for some live music, and I reply yes, of course.  I thought we were headed to a nice jazz spot or something along those lines, but we made our way to a bigger venue.  I immediately see signs for Jazmine Sullivan and I was like oh okay, this will be cool.   But as we make our way to our floor seats, she is already performing so I am thinking we were late, though it was no big deal because of the great conversation.   She finishes and everyone around us is getting excited about the next act, but no one is saying the name of the artist.  It was a crazy conspiracy.  Imagine my face when the music begins to play for “‘Til the Cops Come Knockin’,” Maxwell’s first single.  Yeah, he said it was priceless too.  You see, I LOVE surprises and this was just beyond amazing.  Later, after I had composed myself, I asked how he knew I loved Maxwell, and he replied I had mentioned once on a facebook status.  His attention to detail was leaps and bounds more than what I had expected for our first date.  So after the Maxwell concert, yes there is more, he took me to a little hole in a wall place that had the best root beer floats.  And we continued to talk, although honestly by this point I was flabbergasted and very short on complete thoughts. When we eventually made our way back to where I was staying, and he got out of the car and walked me to my entrance.   We exchanged a sweet and simple kiss and he went home.  There was no mentioning of sex, no trying to stay, or anything to ruin the innocence of this perfect date.  He was the perfect gentleman. Yeah, I may need to go ahead and marry him.
Anyway, I know you are probably thinking it is easy to be romantic with lots of money so I will give you a quick example of the best free date I have ever had.  It was my freshman year in college when no one had any money or a car.  Despite this, the gentleman still came to my dorm to get me so we could walk to the metro (DC train and bus system) together.  We ended up near the Lincoln Memorial and we begin to walk and talk.  As we went along the way, he would give me some history about some of the landmarks.  I asked him how he knew the information and he said he looked it up the day before. I told him I had done a few of the city tours before with my family.  He said he had figured that, but asked if I had ever seen the national mall at night?  I looked around and noticed the sun was indeed setting.  We continued to talk and walk until we made it to the US Capitol building.  He was right.  It was breathtaking at night.  His thoughtfulness and that view was the perfect gift.
What were some of your best dates?  What is the greatest thing a man has done to win you?

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4 Responses to Painting a Perfect Picture: The Art of Dating

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  2. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    While I agree that a man should be going (almost) all-out to court a woman…..Think about it…..Women have kind of killed chivalry over the past 10 or so years. The whole womens’ lib movement coupled with Beyonce’ and ‘Nem (a.k.a. Destiny’s Child) brainwashing y’all Sisters into believing that a man is only good for paying y’alls bills kind of leaves us gentlemen with a sour taste in our mouths…..Even more so when you see thugs, no-good men, and the players getting the same women without putting in one-tenth of the work us good men put in. I’ve lost count of how many women straight-up igged my gentlemanly contributions to the game…..from HS back in Detroit, through my years at Howard, and on into my current life in the Army.

    In order for chivalry to resurrect…..I think women have to start showing men that it actually works first.

  3. Tee-Jay says:

    Just last year I invited a young lady to go out ice skating. It was someone who I previously had an interest in, but at the time she was talking to someone else. Well we followed each other on twitter and we corresponded back and forth here and there. Because I didn’t have her # yet. Well I decided to invite her out on a date, mistake #1 was to not tell her that it would be a “DATE.” Apparently some women don’t really know what a date is. Its essentially when you go out with someone. At least in my definition it doesn’t have to mean “dating” as in relationship status just spending time together. Any ways I had made all the arrangements in my mind, I was going to get her some egg nog which she mentioned she liked and two lil “champagne” glasses to drink it out of. I thought it was a good idea but CVS didn’t. Neither did the weather agree with any of my plans. Instead of ice skating, because it rained, we went to the movies & dinner at Bar Louie. I let her pick out the movie, she wanted to see “Brothers” (movie w. Tobey McGuire) cool, even though I didn’t want to see it. We went anyways. It was a nice evening in my mind. Good conversation. Not at all did I mention that I liked her I had a feeling it would push her away, I just wanted it to be casual. All in all I payed like $60 for the whole night which I think was cheap for what we got. But later on she came back and payed me back in cash $30+ for her portion of the evening. I WAS PISSED. We had a conversation via phone when I told her I liked her and she said “well I’m just saw you as a big brother” I’m not the kind of guy to waste my time on a woman who ignores me, HER LOST. So I know what to do and not do in the future when it comes to first dates (somewhat.)

  4. Natasha says:

    Good Point Tee Jay. I think it just depends on what the couple likes to do. I personally enjoy watching movies and I don’t mind Red Lobster. It’s also important for women to be considerate of their dates and not expect perfection. I once went out on a date where I had to drive bc he was recently in a car accident and didn’t have a ride. No big deal. We still have a great time.

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