The Kardashian Effect

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All I do is Win, Win, Win

I don’t know who is a greater coach, Phil Jackson or Kim & Khloe Kardashian.  While Phil Jackson is often hailed as one of the greatest coaches in sports history, I would argue that Kim & Khloe may be the greatest coaches in groupie girl friend/wife history.  Phil Jackson has racked up an amazing 11 championships over his 21 years as a head coach in the NBA.  However, almost equally amazing, the Kardashians have racked up 3 championships in a little over a year in both the NBA and the NFL, and they have never even played either sport professionally.  Regardless of how you choose to digest their rise to fame, one must take notice they have a knack for making the ordinary, superstars.
Reggie Bush would have undoubtedly held his own as a superstar athlete if he had been consistently good and not injury ridden, but this was not the case.  Without the help of Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush’s fame would have diminished in the first quarter of 2008 as he would have made the list of the overly hyped college athlete that has failed to make the transition to the NFL.  But Kim continued to believe in him and decided to use her notoriety to advance Reggie to a celebrity athlete regardless of his subpar NFL career.  This was not the first time Kim Kardashian gave of herself to help a boyfriend sell a record in need.  Kim’s Ray J project did wonders for his celebrity status despite his overall lack of talent.  It was

Contenders for Coaches of the Year??? Why not.

only natural for Khloe to follow in her big sister’s footsteps and use the family name to build her own celebrity and scout mediocre athlete, Lamar Odom, to mold into her own celebrity athlete.

But the Kardashians provide a great example to women who want men to have it all before they get with them.  He must already have the accolades, great job, houses, and cars before a date is even considered.  These women welcomed the challenge of making the mundane, stand out.  The confidence Kim & Khole injected in their men off the court/field, inspired a more definitive role on the court/field.  A year later, they have 3 rings between the two of them to prove it.  Maybe you are just the woman to coach him into greatness.

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8 Responses to The Kardashian Effect

  1. CARTER. says:

    if this isn’t the damn truth. i think some people are taught to have higher expectations than others…….unfortunately.

  2. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    Hmmm…..I am not a fan of any Kardashian…..Something about these women just screams “gold-diggers” in my eyes. I wonder if Lamar Odom was still playing for the Clippers (and therefore never getting any championships, LOL) would Khloe be all on his ballsacks like she is. If Reggie Bush wasn’t an overhyped RB coming out of college and a third-round pick instead—-would Kim have even given him the time of day? If Ray-J had a normal 9-to-5 instead of masquerading as a subpar singer/actor…….See where I’m headed with this?

  3. My name is Kel says:

    There’s a difference between “expect greatness” and “already have greatness”. Most women judge a man based on what he has and no other factors. I’ll put myself out there and use myself as an example. I’ve worked in the retail industry for the past 6 years since I left HU and while I didn’t finish, I’ve still been grinding to finish school and obtain my degree because I do want the “house, wife, kids and bbqs every other weekend in the summer”. But to some women, since I don’t have a Benz or BMW already then I’m not even worth talking to. But those are the women that I know aren’t meant for me.

    So, I will definitely take a beautiful woman on her same grind as me because in a few years when the fruits of our grinding DO pay off (because they will) I will cherish my woman even more because she “expected greatness” from me even though I wasn’t “already great”

    • Indeed and women will be better off once they understand that difference. And also the flipside to understand to stop investing in a man showing NO potential. Any good seed will eventually bear fruit. If there is no fruit you need to keep it moving.

  4. Savvy says:

    You know what, now that Kim is dating Miles Austin….Superbowl for them Boys is a greater chance! Think about it, Kim was with Reggie…Saints won Superbowl…Khloe was with Lamar…Lakers won Championship…SUPERBOWL in DALLAS FEATURING THE DALLAS COWBOYS! That would be a historical moment…I definitely would be on deck for that.

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