She’s Single for the Night

Not all women use sex to audition for a relationship. Some women see sex as just sex. There are no emotions involved on their end. There are no phone calls the next day or the next week. As of matter, of fact these women don’t even call but reduce all communication to text -time, date, and place. She wants no hugs, no elongated kisses, and no lingering. And no, these women don’t deserve the label of whore just because they know exactly what they want and the exact means to get it.

The prey for tonight has been spot. The lure begins.

Some women enjoy the game- the chase, the lure, and the catch. And no, they are not bitter and lashing out vaginally, they just don’t desire the headache of a relationship. They are simply wired differently, like Sex in the City’s Samantha. Like the leading cast would suggest, the odds of finding a woman capable of getting in and keep it moving is probably 1 out of 4. Most will become emotionally invested on some level. And while most men dream of finding women capable of recreational sex, these same men are often crushed when they find out they are only prey caught in her trap.
Some women are jaded and are lashing out vaginally. They were hurt one too many times and now are numb to it all. They use sex to band-aid emotional, physical, and psychological scars. It is a quick fix for these women like a drug, alcohol, or shopping. However, their lack of emotion is not by choice, they simply have no more emotions to give.
Some women are just cheating. These women may be in love or not, but they are certainly bored with their home life…and their man. Like men, some women cheat just to see how long they can go before getting caught. It is an adrindinle rush to these thrill-chasers. While it is an affair, it is only a physical one void of any emotional or love. And if by some chance, she gets caught by messing with a crazy stalker dude, this is the defense she will give- the same one her last boyfriend gave her.

4 Responses to She’s Single for the Night

  1. S Shaw says:

    While of course these women have the right to do what they do, they must also understand (and not be perplexed by) the fact that in this society, you WILL be labeled as a whore. Double standard? Absolutely, but think about the action of sex…you are taking a foreign member INTO your body, whereas men just put their member INTO an area it fits into…given that difference, it is obvious that women who have sex without emotion or commitment of any kind are viewed in a negative light. I think standards should be exercised on both sides, though. I have always made sure that any chick I hit in my past was wife-ABLE as far as I could tell at the time, so I think people owe it to themselves to at least make that determination before droppin’ trou.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. The standard should be exercised for both men and women to make responsible choices for the people they choose to have sex with. But also both men and women can be labeled whore. The difference is men typically don’t see the label of whore as a bad thing. Whereas women, i think usually still are offended by the term. I think some women, with the emergence of lil kim’s and nicki manj’s have begun, to glorify their whoredom. And for some women it is a power trip. But then my question would be what defines a whore?

      • S Shaw says:

        See this is where I think “men” in the truest sense of the word get lumped in with boys. While I’m the only truly wifed one out of my guy friends, none of them think its cool to be a player or “man-whore”. I think “whoring” is different than “hoing” in that no money needs to change hands (or gifts)…when whoring, the person in question is just f*cking for the purpose of getting a nut out of the equation. In this day and age, with all the dangers out there, this is just not smart. While people will go on and on about how they dont wanna be tied down or how they’re “just fine” being single (*coughs “bullshit”) it would behoove you to go about the process of dating as if yo uare looking for a partner and if it happens let it happen…but sex should not be had with anyone you see no future with ever in my opinion…which is why i never did a walk of shame or boned any chick I couldn’t bring out in front of the homies (lol).

        • Personally, i agree and use that as my own standard. However, I don’t know everyone doesn’t live by the same moral code. And while it is risky, some continue to play sex as a sport. I dunno if it fair to judge those the same. Again personally I do definitely use sexual discernment as a measure of manhood and ladyhood but again this is for those that don’t.

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