Daddy’s Home: The Daddy Complex

I finally got a chance to watch the video for Usher’s single Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home).  To my surprise, there is not one child in the video.  For some odd reason, I figured since he had two children that they or actors portraying his children would make a cameo appearance based on the title alone.  Silly me.  But it seems nowadays every man wants to be called daddy for one reason or another, yet you never see them with their kids.  It completely baffles me.
Unfortunately, I can’t call you “daddy” because I have a daddy that I call Daddy.  He is continuously a father, a friend, a cheerleader, protector and a supporter.   We are two peas in a pod, even when we don’t see eye to eye or our stubborn ways get the best of us.  I have called him Daddy my entire life, and I have no plans to change his assigned and deserved name, ever.  So the last thing you should ever ask me to call you in the bedroom or otherwise is Daddy.  I already have one, thanks.
Nonetheless, I can’t say I totally don’t get it.  I do, in a way.  If you have a lady and you have kids together, and you are the provider of the household, you father your kids daily, then I can understand the misses calling you Daddy in a sexual demeanor.  This is the sole allowance because the man is doing what a Daddy does- providing, protecting, and fathering -daily.  But these every now and then, once a month, maybe on the weekend, fathers cannot be referred to as anybody Daddy.
This is why I really wish Usher would have added his kids in the end of the video when he is coming home.  Small things like that could help change the perception of fatherhood and its responsibility everywhere.  But alas, we here are, where every little boy wants the title of man and every man wants to be addressed as Daddy.

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