I Swear I Love Them All

I don’t know what I want in a man.  I mean, I have a general idea of the characteristics and traits but no specific prototype of what I am looking for in a man.  Academically, you go through years and years of schooling just to acquire the basic skills to function in life and on primary jobs.  Then you go through additional schooling to give you field-specific training and knowledge, but still it is typically on a basic level.  More schooling usually helps one hone in a specific field of practice.  As such, I know exactly what I want to do career wise thanks to years of schooling and life experiences.
Contrarily, years and years in the school has dating has only left me more confused.  Continued education has only provided more beautiful and wonderful options so now it is too hard to choose.  You see in high school, I knew exactly who I wanted to marry.  He was a gentleman, smart, and funny. But then I got to college, and I met smarter, funnier, finer, and even more gentlemanly.  So I begin to date these guys to have fun learn exactly what I want in a man.  Then I get into the working world and meet all of these men that are brilliantly applying their education and making headway on their respective goals.  This would seem like a good problem to have, but the growth and diverseness of my networks have only left me bewildered and aimlessly dating.
I would like to think that once I found him, or rather he found me, that I would know for sure.  I would expect that the endless unknown possibilities wouldn’t matter anymore.  I would be happy if a sign of eternally contentment would appear.  And I would hope that all of years of dating would provide insight on this specific man and how to not only make it work but to make it flourish.