8 Things Your Last Girlfriend Should Have Taught You

Ideally, every relationship should be better than the previous.  Lessons learned should carry into the next relationship to minimize petty arguments due to one not being aware of their annoying behavior.  Specifically, every girlfriend should leave the man better than she found him.  It is common courtesy.  One should take honor in the work done in her prior relationships to lessen the headaches on the next girl.
So it is expected that by the time a man enters his mid twenties- early thirties, he has had enough significant relationships to have learned the basics to avoid unnecessary dissent in the new relationship.
So here are 8 things your last girlfriend should have taught you.
1)      To Take Out the Trash…without being asked. You see the trash.  You smell the trash.  You continue to stuff things at the top of the trash until it absolutely can’t hold anymore.  At this point, you are expected to be proactive, and when you see the trash full to take it out.  Your girl can take it out, but if you are there why would you want her to?
2)      How to Dress in Your Size- Medium.  Why are you still buying XXL shirts when you are a medium?  And who still sags? Buy your 34 waist jeans.  It is okay.  You are grown.  No one will think you are less than a man if your clothes actually fit on the weekends too.
3)      How to Match: You don’t have to be a fashionita by any stretch of the imagination but it is expected you to know that black shoes and a brown belt do not go together…neither does white socks and black shoes…nor do dark shirts with light shoes.  And it is assumed you to have shoes other than Jordans and dress shoes.  A nice causal loafer is a must.  You just need the basics because no wants to have to dress you every day.
4)      To Let Down the Toilet Seat Every Time. Yes.  Every Time. Enough said.
5)      To Properly Groom Yourself. Impeccable personal hygiene is a must.  No one wants a funky man lying around their house.  But beyond that your netherlands region should not resemble the jungles of Jurassic Park. Take care of that.  That is all.
6)      How to Effectively Shop for Tampons. You should no longer think they are all the same.  Or should you still be bashful about getting them.  A gem is the man that asks the appropriate questions to make sure he brings back the right kind. A keeper is the man that knows to also bring her back a pint of her favorite ice cream.
7)      The Hair Process. You should know it takes time.  If you want to be spontaneous and surprise your girl with a surprise date, that’s great and sweet.  If her hair needs to be nice for such an event then give her notice so your girl can enjoy the event without being mad at you because her hair is not how she would have liked it.
8)      How to Handle the Groupies. No woman wants a man no one else wants.  Women should expect other women to come at you, it is a compliment.  However, at this age you should know how to handle them without any assistance from the misses.
…Any others you would add?

13 Responses to 8 Things Your Last Girlfriend Should Have Taught You

  1. Okay you already know that I am big supporter of yours, but I have to beg to differ about the toilet seat. I have never heard of a guy who fell in because he forgot to check the status of the toilet seat before he set down. How about the girls putting the toilet seat back up when you are done. The bottom line is that everyone should adjust the toilet seat according to their comfort. Otherwise, you come across as a diva or a princess that has to be waited on. Of all of the adjustments that guys have to make in living with a woman, toilet seats are something that you should just get over yourself about.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • mstryst says:

      LOL! It is a common courtesy! Unless, they have their own bathroom which will probably be a requirement. Where most couples ask for dual sinks, I want dual toilet closets! Then he can leave the seat up all he wants! It is really only a problem at night when you are not alert but just an overall annoyance for most women.

  2. Nay of 5thGM says:

    Will (in response to number 6): I don’t give a damn about buying tampons. They better be happy I’m buying tampons and not anal condoms… I’m a boy!

    Yes that had to be shared… anyway…
    Courtesies that I’m subject to daily are doors being opened for me, my bags being carried for me (grocery, etc), and he walks on the outside when we’re walking down the street. God forbid he is taken away from me, these are all requirements for the next guy as well. If I’m willing to cook every night, run the household errands, manage the bills, and clean often, then the garbage AND THE TOILET SEAT fall under his tasks. Luckily in our household we enjoy (or don’t mind) our tasks and have both definitely learned from our past.

    Great post mstryst!

    • mstryst says:

      ahahahahaha @ the rain cloud! I’m sure he knows which one you use! I definitely agree, this list is for women holding up their end. And it is those small things that make each other days easier. A little consideration by both parties goes a long way!

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  4. Some Guy Named Joel says:

    In agreement with most of this list…..except the tampons part. LOL

    All I need is a woman I can actually be chivalrous toward. It sucks when you’re a gentleman to EVERYONE ELSE’S women…..

    • Chivalry is a lifestyle. It is not something you pick and choose. You either are chivalrous all the time or not regardless if she is yours.

      • Some Guy Named Joel says:

        True….but let’s keep it 100 around here….I am a chivalrous man….but I’ve recently cut back on my niceness due to the, um…..”recession”….going on…..lol

  5. Mr. Fantastic says:

    I think the toilet seat should not be a requirement in a grown household, because at the end of the day, we’re all a bit old to be falling into a toilet. I feel like sitting down blindly is asinine and it doesn’t take more than a second to put it down, so it should not be the requirement for a relationship.

    And chivalry is a lifestyle but ALSO withheld at one’s discretion. Just like being a real LADY is a lifestyle but sometimes that ratchet hoe in the club starin’ down yo man people press your buttons and you gotta bring out the hood in ya. It SHOULD be understandable.

    Lastly, I’d like to add cunnilingus. Yes I know, that’s crazy. But in 2010, as grown-ups, no man or woman for that matter should still be talking about they can’t give head to their SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Not saying to every Tom, Dick and Harry or in this case Tina, Danielle and Mary, but if you’ve been dating a while, go get ya chin wet, it’ll help a bunch.

  6. JazzyJay says:

    9. Don’t lie. Grown women can tell. There is not one lie that a man has told that has gotten past a half-way intelligent black woman. So fellas, just be honest. Your woman will recognize and appreciate it. If you’re lucky she might even reward you 😉

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