The Just-In-Case Boo

Wedding season is officially in full effect.  Every weekend timelines are overflowing with status changes and wedding pictures.  It is a beautiful thing.  In spite of all its beautifulness, another man is off the market.  It is highly probable that you never had an interest in this man ever in life, but the fact that he is no longer available makes you take inventory of your available groom-to-be stock.  This stock refers to the men you have absolutely no intention of marrying unless you find yourself 40, single, and need to get married- the just-in-case boos.
The just in case boos usually adore you, on paper meet most of your qualifications, yet in person lack something not so significant that prevents a relationship to bloom.  So you keep him on very loose strings just in case options #1-27 marry someone else.  No one wants to be 28th on any list.  So here are few signs to let you know you are keeping a just in case boo or sadly you are the just in case boo.

On a date with #28, pouting because #1 hasn't called.

1)        Every Blue Moon: Not every girl harasses the man she is sincerely interested in by calling 5 times a day every day.  Some only call or text once a month especially if she has a lot on her plate.  But if a girl only calls once every 6 months just to make sure a man is still single, she is probably just taking inventory of her stock.
2)        Never Going to Get It: You have known each other for 12 years, both have been single over a significant length of time, you date sporadically but he ain’t ever got the goods…or close to the goods…ever. He seems to be permanently stuck in the friend zone, unless you are 40 and still single, then he can get it… at least on the honeymoon.
3)        There’s a Jealous Girl in Our Town: This man has been trying to game you down forever, but you never give him the time of day.  His calls are ignored, texts are dismissed, and offers for thoughtful dates are turned down.  You were hoping for better yet thought he would always be around if you ever wanted him.  Then he got a girlfriend.  Now all of a sudden, you call him to find out why he is not calling daily.  Now you want to go out. You are the queen of hating now that option #28 has found another interest.  But that is the risk you take when you keep a just in case boo– he may rather be another lady’s first choice.