The Best I’ve Ever Had…Or Lack Thereof

welcome to another edition of Light Fridays…

Before we get into it, formspring questions have finally been answered.  Check out the link here.
Every guy thinks they are the best you’ve EVER had in life.  Some guys go as far to think they are the best ANYONE has ever had in the history of getting it in.  As stated previously, this is just not mathematically possible or probable.  So what happens when he confidently poses the question “Am I the best?”  I say women have lied to men far too much in this arena.  It is only more work for the next woman to not only dethrone his ego, but teach him the correct method.  The more he thinks he is the greatest, the harder he is to teach. But to be completely fair, this problem transcends gender and absolutely applies to women as well.  Regardless of gender, here are some best methods to help your partner out, so you can quit lying to them.
1)      What Do You Like: It is very hard to explain what you are not liking if you don’t have a firm grasp of what you do like.  So the first step is taking the time to know what works for you. With that said, focus less on what they are doing wrong and explain the things you would like to happen.  If they value you, they will try to make you happy.
2)      Stop Beating Around the Issue: While the truth may hurt, being mocked by your homies because word got around that work was not being put in hurts way more.  Be direct and make a clean cut.  Start with the things that are working well.  This is also the opportune time to state what you obviously hate. Then state what needs to be done to make it better.  But don’t be surprised when you get feedback on what you need to do better as well. The floor is now open…because you opened it.
3)      You Have To Bring It: Can’t complain about others if you don’t put any effort into being your personal best.  Step your game up.  People know when they are being outplayed every game and hopefully will step up.   Winners like winners.  Are you a winner??

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