His Hesitation

Welcome to another edition of Light Fridays

cheaper to keep her

Tiger’s wife, Elin expected $300 million divorce settlement will have Kelis’s monthly stipend from Nas look like welfare checks.  In a recent conversation with a best friend, he was explaining all a man has to seriously consider before entering marriage.  Love, compatibility, and security are no longer the only key components a man must consider anymore.  Now you must consider the worst case scenario, divorce, and how much that will cost you.  Past, current, and possible future earnings are now all at risk once you enter this supposedly lifelong matrimony.  So ladies, his hesitation to jump that broom may be with good reason.
Public divorces are a good example to men, although no one seems to be getting the message.  How many mistresses have come forth in the Tiger Wood’s affair? 20 or so?  Well after a little computing, I discovered that comes to $15,000,000 per girl!!! FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLLARS PER ASS!!!  But I am sure Tiger, being a black man, had many others.  So I did a decided to round up to 100 girls he may have been involved in since the conception of his marriage.  And well that was still $3,000,000 per girl!  Astronomical.  I wonder if Tiger did the calculations if it was worth it.  I wonder if Elin is leaving out of pride, or if the damage is really beyond repair.  I wonder if Nas is thanking God he wasn’t any richer. I wonder if Oprah is laughing at them all…

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4 Responses to His Hesitation

  1. S Shaw says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to throw Tiger in with “black” men…he certainly doesn’t and I wouldn’t hang with cuz. This is what I’ve been saying…divorces are expensive, which is why everything should be right beforehand…I 100% encourage living together, having lots of sex and quality time with both sets of parents for any couple before getting married. You have to probe all possible scenarios and issues…why wait til living situation, money or even kids come into play? Dating is the training ground for marriage and a lot of people skip the full training course and just jump out there on hopes & dreams…and get their life ROONT! lol

    • mstryst says:

      lmao! I did cross out the black. but genetically, he is black. I do agree with spending lots of time with the s/o and their family before you enter a union. I have mixed views on living together which we have discussed before but maybe that will be a topic for next week.

      Thanks Mr. Shaw for the support and feedback!

  2. I’m really starting to like your blogs!!!

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