The Reader

People often use the expression, “the world is so small.”  But the world is vast, huge, and limitless.  In this lifetime, no one will ever be able to visit or experience all that this world has to offer.  Some people are extremely content with never leaving the world they know.  They dare not to journey beyond their parents’ footsteps, their neighborhood, or their grasp.  Supposedly, this could be call life or living.
Nevertheless, I am a journeyer.  I hunt challenges.  I reach beyond my grasp.  I try.  I don’t fear failure.  I am unfamiliar with limits and boundaries.  All of this to say, at the very least he, the one,  needs to be a reader.  I don’t have any arbitrary lists.  Yet,  I do think a reader, a man that reads leisurely, is innately accompanied by a desirable set of attributes.  It says “I do not know everything.  I am aware there is a world beyond my scope.  I am open to new ideas, new concepts, and new methodologies.”  It reads “I am a learner.”  Many others desired traits and features typically overshadow the fundamental quality of reading.  However, if I were to have a list, then a reader would be on top.