He Says, She Hears

As always, I’m keeping it light on Fridays.

Men and women do not understand each other.  We speak two different languages.  I will make absolutely no claim to understand the lack of effective communication of men.  I can, however, speak on behalf of women.
He Says…
She Hears…
I can’t
I don’t want to
I shouldn’t
I’m about to
I should
I’m not going to
It doesn’t matter
It isn’t important enough for me to think about
I don’t know
I do know, but it will cause an argument
I’m kicking it with the boys
I don’t feel like being bothered with you tonight
We’re just friends
That’s my ex and we occasionally still sleep with each other
I’m not ready to get married
I haven’t found what I have been looking for before you but maybe you can change that.
I’m running late
You’re not that important to me so I’ll get there when I feel like it, Michelle*!!!!
*see, Boondocks Season 3, Episode 1
Any others??? Let me know!

*contributions made by Tori Griffin

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