If Halle Can’t Keep a Man….

There is so much pressure for black women to be not only beautiful, but be perfect.  I don’t know who puts more pressure on black women to be perfect:   men, other women, or ourselves.  However, the universal standard has always been clear- Halle Berry, a beauty that transcends race and gender.  I have never been one to be entertained by celebrity gossip.  I don’t know those people and could care less what happens in their respective homes.  However with the news of Halle Berry losing yet another [gorgeous] man, I can’t help but wonder what is really going on here?  Is perfection not enough?
Additionally, there has been so much talk that black women no longer need to limit themselves to black men.  Black women supposedly need to venture out into other races because there are not enough black men that will live up to our lofty expectations.  Well leave it up to Halle Berry to dispel that myth as she has dated both black and white men and still has ended up the same result- single.
This leaves me pondering two possible theories: a) nothing is better than the “new” [ass] or b) being crazy can undo all the beauty in the world.
I’m leaning towards the latter….

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