I Can, But I Much Rather Not

I’m a dependent lady. I say it with ease because I have been saying it since I can remember. I have never understood the fanfare of women proud to be doing it all on their own.  That sounds like a very hard life to live.  Am I capable of doing it all my own? No.  I need family, friends, and colleagues -a solid support system.  I have spent the last 28 years of life building such support system.
But do you need a man? Yes.  I do not like taking out the trash, or mowing the grass, or sitting at the car shop.  Sure I CAN do all of these things, but I much, much rather not.  I thoroughly enjoy the perks of being a lady.  I enjoy having doors opened, chairs pulled out, and him walking on the outside of the sidewalk.
My family and friends know I cook a marvelous ham and a wonderful turkey, but I can’t carve it.  I have tried, I failed.  I need a man to carve it. I do. Additionally, I’m a little short, a tad, so I often can’t reach things in high places.   I could get a chair or stool and pull it over, climb up, climb down, replace the chair (sigh, I’m tired just from typing that).  I would much rather to look around, find him watching me struggle and already approaching to help.  You see?  It is much easier this way- the way it was intended- to have someone to help, to balance, and protect.  I personally don’t think it is nothing wrong with saying that aloud.   We think it.  Men, real men, pride themselves in it.  I’m a lady that is proud of the remarkable abilities, undeniable strength, and uncanny resilience that encompasses womanhood. However, I can appreciate our innate limitations (men obviously have their own as well).  I can embrace the value of having a good man.
Please note I am absolutely aware men do much more than the listed.  This has been oversimplified and reduced in the interest of time and scope.

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