When it is NOT okay to break up their happy home…Alicia.

A wise woman once said, “Everyone has been cheated on and everyone has cheated.”  No surprises there, just like there is no surprise that the wife (yes, they are still legally married) of Swizz Beatz, Mashonda, still has a lot on her chest about the role Alicia played in their pending divorce.  But with cheating being so commonplace does Mashonda still have a right to be upset? Yeah, Hell yeah!
And while I in NO WAY condone cheating, or being an accomplice to cheating unless he is super fine and THE BEST…, IF you MUST cheat, there is a code,  Alicia.
You should steer clear, ignore his 2:00am texts, and keep your hands to yourself if:
He is married. When vows are expressed openly before God, family, and friends, you need to keep your goods and sultry singing in late night studio sessions to yourself! This is closely followed by he is engaged.  If he has made that $10K investment on a piece of jewelry you can bet he is all in, so you need to fall back. Matter of fact, discontinue contact because you obviously didn’t make the cut boo.
They have kids. 2007-062607_bet-awards_black-carpet-fashions_swizz-beatz_mashonda_kidsThey have been together for 9 years together. She is pregnant with baby number #4 by him. You might need to make better use your energy elsewhere, despite his claims to their rocky relationships.  Any child born after the first one, is NOT an accident- he knew exactly what he was doing.  Do you really want to be the reason she has to explain to their children why Daddy is leaving? And honestly, even if it is just one child, that mother, if he is a real father, will forever be in the picture.  As Mashonda stated, “If you two being together forever is the case, [it’s] more of a reason for us to get along, because I’m not going anywhere. [There’s] a child to be raised.”
She is crazy.A Thin Line As much as we rooted for Nia Long’s character in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate victory in winning Martin Lawrence’s character, she basically put her life at risk over a dude.  It is never, ever, ever that deep…  If she making calls and stopping by your job over ol’ dude, then let her have him.  You never know what is next with unstable creatures.
He has no respect for you. All calls are made after midnight and he is gone by morning.  You never get dates, still pay all your bills, and you bought all your clothes. SMH, you are missing the point.  IF you cheat, it is suppose to be like a vacation- wining and dining, sweet surprises, and gifts.  You run this, not him. Otherwise, you are not doing something right…or he doesn’t respect you at all. Drop him.
You are crazy. Brad and AngelinaYou think there is something so magical about your goods that he is going to leave the woman he is with for you. You have pictures of Angelina and Brad as your screen saver.  You are just hopeful, making plans, stalking, and wishing. You are crazy.  The odds that he leaves her because of you are slim to none.  Even if he leaves her, he is not coming to you.  If you can’t handle your role, this game ain’t for you.

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6 Responses to When it is NOT okay to break up their happy home…Alicia.

  1. Nay says:

    I agree, I think infidelity is ridiculous. Just leave if it’s “not working”…

  2. Mr. Fantastic says:

    This is ridiculous,

    1st this list of rules should/would not apply to a group of people whose work nights literally probably wouldn’t end until 2am. Its the same as calling the girl at 5 when us normal folks get off. And can Swizz do anything for Alicia she can’t do for herself, except make a Swizz beat ?

    2nd. Your strikethrough line says it all…. Mashonda v. Alicia Keys……………………. WORD ?!?!?!

    3rd. She got him to leave. So she’s winning. The key seems to be, he was gonna leave her, and Alicia just happened to be a good excuse.

    4th. They not HER kids, the responsibility is not on HER to care about how he takes care of his unless she gonna make it last.

    Which comes to the only valid point. As Ma$on Betha most eloquently put it (paraphrased of course)…. When he got with you, he already had a girl, why wouldn’t he cheat on you ???

    • mstryst says:


      This is to women in general, just using Alica as an example since the affair is well-known and people can relate.

      Secondly, Alicia violated rule number one. We know men are easily persuaded by women so I don’t hold Swizz AS responsible, although he is the one that took the vows. Alicia could have easily not gotten involved and lived up to the image she protrays.

      Third, she is not winning. Even if Alicia enters a relationship with him she will NEVER be safe. She will constantly have to keep her guard up, go through his stuff, trace his tracks just to make sure she is not Mashondaed. She lost when she gave it up to him knowing he was married.

      Fourth, if Alicia loves him and he is around her, she will inevitablely have to have a civil r’ship with Mashonda. Hell if Mashonda wanted to she could have a restraining order against Alicia being around the children. But obviously Mashonda is being the better woman about the entire situation.

      For that i commend Mashonda for trying to save her marriage and her family and going about it as a lady should.

  3. Kisa says:

    Soooo, first of all I did felt some type of way reading MaShonda tweet to Alicia. As she is stating she ask AK to step back and let her handle her family issues. I can only respect a women who is trying to make her marriage work.

    For myself I will never carry a relationship with a marry man, they are not just rules they are laws between sisters/women/friends.

  4. MicyaFvy2 says:

    Such a great post! I am so pleased you decided to share it.

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